Who do we turn to when our refuge is without a roof?

Who do we turn to when our refuge is without a roof?

A sober member of any organisation that forms the Tripartite Alliance, will remember that the deadliest death is in silence in the midst of shambles.

A Russian Proverb warns us of the dangers of our silence and the benefits of those that are riding unto our circumstances, gaining much needed relevance, as it says; 

“The newborn baby yells; you die in silence.”


We have been not only embarrassed by the ongoing activities in our country, but confused into weighing our abilities to study deeply the environment we have operated in for many years, versus our newly adopted plight of being duplicitous and discourteous in our utterances, particularly those whom their opinions will mean a lot to the ears of the highly senile members of the public.


Spokespersonship is used fatally to communicate damaged ideas of individuals, who seek to countersign their organisationally murderous views, this is recently done in competition, both to a certain extend express the resolutions of their parties, and some to communicate decisions of whiskey and wine disposed meetings, which are convened regularly than the Constitutional structures.


Propensities are galavanting in both the pros and antis of President Zuma and Deputy President Ramaphosa, all in shapes and formats which further costed us two third (2/3) majorities from 2009 to date, which were and are valued at the public loss of confidence unto the ANC and gave birth to splinter parties since 2008, which is adjoining our pride of the ANC being an eternally existing Liberation Movement and its demise.


When solutions are required for rescue, it’s now time for pseudo quintessential ones to show face, opportunistic to feed their long buried in the sand ambitions to become ANC presidents, the reckless rise of Cdes. Lindiwe Sisulu, Matthews Phosa, Thamsanqa Radebe, Nkosazana Dhlamini-Zuma, and those that still weighing the fertility of the ground to synthesise their ambitions.


Little do all of them including the President and the Deputy President remember to invest all the monies set aside for their campaigns to embark on programmes which shall see the ANC above collapse, by ensuring that all lost grounds are claimed through radical service delivery initiatives such as drilling boreholes to our drought hit country, build house for our people living in squalor, construct and  repair the roads which citizens are forced to buy tyres and shocks after travelling on, convene political classes to install conscience in the hearts and minds of our disorientated membership, etc.


For without the softening and fertilisation of the ground, winning or loosing the 54th National Conference will carry similar weight.


The SACP instead of mumbling, turning and tossing, should assist the ANC in embarking on community programs to fully clarify and put in motion the concept “Radical Economic Transformation”


COSATU instead of going back to the Vavi and Madisha last days, should be mobilising the workers behind the banner of ensuring the South Africa our children will inherit, that’s self reliant, able and entrenched at the creation of a ground infertile for any manner of capturing,


SANCO should be on the ground proving that it is not as useless, ensuring that people have land, qualitative service and that our communities are incorruptible, rather than be found on messages of support,


The Veteran ‘s League should be hard at work teaching leaders of the ANC and the Alliance partners the principles of reliability, and the fruits of taking decisive decisions and stand by them regardless, but instead it chooses to contest amongst its rank who should be listened to.


The MKMVA seems to be the most ugliest animal that has ninety faces, without relevance and further attempting to plunge the country back to racism and violence, it should focus itself in ageing and swelling the ranks of veterans than to grow young everyday, issuing threats more weaker than a taxi driver’s insults and negligence, as such it is time we as a ruling elite have confidence in the SANDF and dissolve the MKMVA for it stands at no benefit to even itself.


The ANCYL has become a mid life crisis breeding centre, always speaking things that are illegal at crèche, and doesn’t seek to be a preparatory school as it should be, maybe due to clarity on its age limit versus practicality,

It is the body which must occupy every strategic centre of human existence, reign the country through its twin tasks to understanding the current material conditions and what it expected of the nation during and beyond cris days,

Ensure that it mobilises the PYA Structures to train every young person of the nobility of neutrality, unity and cohesion, and facilitate the processes of ensuring the opening of the doors of learning and culture, the free access to education and creation of both employment and entrepreneurial viability amongst the underprivileged and the priveleged young people of South Africa,

These will make the country less vulnerable to the Oppenheimers, Ruperts and Guptas, who parades our leaders naked whilst dressed.


The organisational centre is not holding, and perhaps this may the main attribute for our challenges as a nation and the ANC, everyone speaks in tongues like the whole country is of a particular religion that’s catched by the holy spirit, rendering everyone as a captain,

The Secretary General of the ANC Cde. Gwede Mantashe should assume the place of his predecessors, administer the organisation and stick by his first view, and of course not be rigid towards correction, but his presence of mind in the office today is required.


The ANC is individualised, as such it will make the maturity of the smaller political parties quicker, and devastating to the people of this country.


Frederick Engels in his 1841 writing, Anti-Schelling, describes what survives all odds as;


“What is genuine is proved in the fire, what is false we shall not miss in our ranks.

The opponents must grant us that youth has never before flocked to our colours in such numbers, … in the end, one will be found among us who will prove that the sword of enthusiasm is just as good as the sword of genius.”

With focused militancy, our issues in questions are nothing, let’s go back to our branches and ask each other this question, “Is the revolution safe in my hands?

Writing in my personal capacity,

Klaas Nono Mabunda

ANCYL Limpopo PEC member

ANC Monotong Branch Chairperson


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