Police in Lephalale are appealing to the public to be on the lookout of a recent scam that is used by
criminals to defraud them of their hard earned money.

The moderous operandi sees criminals asking potential victims, which are mostly pensioners who have
large lump sums to switch off their phones and switch them back on after hours.

It is during the time the phones are switched off that criminals will be helping themselves with
transaction without the victim knowing and by the time the victim switches their phones
back on, they
have lost money.

Lephalale SAPS Spokesperson Warrant Officer Frans Mokoena says the public should know that there is
no way a bank can ask customers to switch off their phones or ask for PIN.

“Whenever you receive such a phone call where you are asked about your personal banking
information, do not entertain the caller but cut it short as that could lead to you being defrauded.”

Meanwhile Mokoena has also sent out a strong message to men who randomly meet women and end
up engaging them in sexual affairs.

This comes after a number of rape cases were opened against men, who were threatened by their
accusers and demanded a lot of money in exchange of their charges to be dropped.

He said in two incidents his name was used to threaten the men who were accused of rape by women
they were with in previous days.

One of the men who was
threatened says R15 000 was demanded from him to make the case disappear and he managed to get hold of police and informed Mokoena about his name being dragged in the mud.

“The public should be aware of these people who use the name and title Warrant Officer Frans
Mokoena to threaten those they are accusing of raping them, claiming that Mokoena will make their
dockets disappear.

There is no such a thing and police are already aware of this and anyone who is found to be on the
wrong side of the law will be arrested.”; concluded Mokoena.

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