A decade of Bliss…

A decade of Bliss…

Joseph Moaloshi and Evah Monyeki now Mrs Moaloshi celebrated their 10 years of love on the 10th and 11th of December in Shongoane. The two day wedding celebration was nothing short of a fairy-tale for the beautiful couple.

Their love story is something that you can only find in the pages of novels as Joseph fell for Evah when he was very young. Joseph met his beautiful flower as he calls her at Sunday school many moons ago. He also used to accompany his uncle at the Monyeki household as a young boy just to see his Evah. It was years later when Joseph was more mature in September 2005 that he decided to make his move on Evah at a church conference. Despite this not being allowed at a church conference, his love for her gave him enough courage as he felt that it was his only chance. Evah being shy did not give her consent at the time but Joseph did not give up. He was away on his studies in Polokwane and kept calling her. It was on the 31st of December 2005 that she finally agreed to give him a chance. Joseph recalls this vividly as he only believed his eyes and ears on the 1st of January 2006 and it is needless to add that he started his year on cloud 9.

Day one of the celebrations started at Machauka Lodge where the couple was blessed by the Pastor followed by a photo session with their wedding party. The celebration then moved to Shongoane 1 at the bride’s home where they were greeted by friends and relatives. The maid of honour spoke during the formalities and she mentioned that the bride is very soft spoken but yet she carries a lot of wisdom. The maid of honour was followed by Evah’s mother Elizabeth Monyeki and she broke in a praise song before she started speaking to thank the all Mighty. “My son in law never disrespected me, he still hides when he sees me to this day. My daughter can be cheeky so please try to get used to her”, said MmaMonyeki. MmaMonyeki bought her daughter a washing machine, saying she must wash for her husband. The bride and groom were also showered with money.

A toast was made in honour of the bride and groom by Victor Mokwele who strongly emphasised that it is Joseph’s responsibility to keep Evah happy. He also mentioned that he and his partner are inspired by Evah and Joseph. It was finally the bride and groom’s turn to speak and the soft spoken Evah who is also a woman of few words, she thanked everyone who came to make her day. When Joseph spoke, the love he has for his new bride was evident in his eyes, he thanked his mother in law for bringing up such a wonderful woman. “I love her with all I have. This is the day the Lord has chosen for my beautiful flower and I, she is as beautiful as the first day I met her. Thank you to all who contributed in making this day possible. I wish I could put my heart out there so that you can see how happy I am”, said Joseph.

The second day was hosted at the groom’s home in Shongoane 2 and it boasted of African traditional theme including the food. The décor was simply elegant with a rustic feel and our blushing bride wore two different traditional attires. Tsholofelo Nku owner of Global Genesis planned the special two days.

Local radio presenter Ratlou Mabula was the Master of the Ceremony and there was a long list of entertainers including local band Flat Five and DJ Touch. The couple will surely remember the celebration forever as they celebrated the 10th year of their union on the 10th day of the 12th month.

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